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The Crucifix and Religious Slavery

I sometimes get amazed at the way some of you think that writing is bad. Some of you ask: Why am i bothering with what others believe in? Why am i questioning? Because i am a critical thinker. I think, ask, seek answers, of course get insulted along the way. Am amazed that majority of you, who are schooled, well schooled, have a problem with critical thought. We are supposed to be readers, researchers, critics, and more so writers. If most Kenyans put down on the blogs what they thought, we would help each other. That settles the matter of why i keep asking, and writing.

I also believe that religion, especially for Africans, is a foreign concept. We learnt it from the missionaries, and we need to now question the basis for a belief in these foreign gods, and prophets. I have therefore to begin the critical inquiry.

Now, if you are a catholic, as most of my goddamn friends are, they (the very devout ones) have some sort of cross on their necks, and some rings with dots and a cross on their fingers. I guess this is the crucifix. Are they? What is the significance of this ornament? This ring? Is it manufactured in rome, Italy? I don’t mind it as an ornament by the way, though i wouldn’t wear it myself. It ain’t that funky. I mind it an extension of religious colonization by the Italian PAPACY, or even worse, a sign that these Kathoz are a bunch of cult minded freaks.

I would understand the worship by the Evangelicals of an invisible god, and a dead Jesus, who loves humanity so much that he designates a hell for some of us. But how does having a ring on your neck, a crucifix, on your finger, help you in this world? Other than identifying you to be a member of the Catholic cult, there is no miracle it does. It does not bring the Virgin Mary anywhere close to you! It does not help God to understand and forgive you. (I mean the invisible God). It is a tradition yes, but of what consequence? My dear lost Catholics, why do you allow yourself such foreign trouble? Why allow yourself to imagine that a piece of metal has spiritual significance?

Africans, when shall we be free from religious colonization?


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