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Why do Muslims face Mecca during Prayer?

One of the most appalling (goddamn) things i always notice about religious folk, in Kenya and around the world is the fact that they believe questioning religious doctrines is wrong. When you raise a question about Virgin Mary (who wasn’t a virgin anyway), the Catholics draw daggers. You talk about these stupid Pastors, who cheat Kenyans every Sunday, they think you are insulting messengers of God. You say God does not exist, Kenyans think it is your upbringing. There is a communication theory which tries to explain this anyway. It it called the Attribution Theory, read about it.

Having said that, my question today goes to the Muslims, why do you pray facing MECCA? Mecca is just a small place in Saudi. Isn’t Allah omnipresent, is he not anywhere and everywhere? Why face some town, as you are praying? Isn’t this primitive? Mecca may be significant in that that is where Jihad and most of the killings during the Muhammad wars took place. But prayer to god should be made simple, easy, and without all the sijui looking for the direction of MECCA.

Say, we agree that we need to face MECCA anyway, so, how then does one know where MECCA is? Do you use the SUN’s position? Say you are travelling from Nairobi to Mombasa, and it has hit 1.00 PM, Taraaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnn! Time for prayer! How do you quickly get the bearing of MECCA before you pray? Do you guys carry goddamn compasses everywhere you go?

Sounds like a stupid thing to to!


One comment on “Why do Muslims face Mecca during Prayer?

  1. joshua
    August 9, 2012

    Facing mecca is not a problem why do you have a problem with muslims facing mecca’its like asking why do we have people who dont believe in God’stupid i think the topic should be wether a person believes in god or not,


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