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Did Jesus Really Conquer Death?

The question really is: Did Jesus conquer death? And is it important for death to be conquered in the first place? Is death an object, that needs to be destroyed? And was it significant to think of death as having some cognitive abilities that way? These are the questions that any critical thinker, ( which most of you theists aren’t anyway) should ask.

What does it mean to conquer death? When you resurrect, have you conquered death? When Jesus died for three days and rose again, i ask again, is it correct to state that death was conquered? Many songs have been sung concerning death, and the amazing resurrection of Jesus. The very god who designed man, and by extension invented death, should not not make resurrection such an impressive phenomenon. I do not believe Jesus resurrected. Jesus died and was gone forever. And for me, he was just a famous, eloquent politician. Nothing more.

God designs death, then comes and makes Jesus resurrect, and makes it a big deal, when he knows it is all a ploy to confuse humanity. That is some god. What god should have done is give a one year grace period for all humanity not to die. As in the world should not know death for a year, maybe 10 years. If Jesus resurrected, the fair thing to to would be to have him walking all over the world, preaching till the last day.

The resurrection of Jesus did not happen. Jesus did not conquer death. Even the way it is narrated in the bible is not as impressive as it is made to look. The bible has exploited the mystery surrounding death to create a fanatical following of Christians. But the truth is Jesus did no resurrect.



11 comments on “Did Jesus Really Conquer Death?

  1. Bonface Morris
    June 8, 2012

    I admire your freedom of thought Harry. I highly appreciate it too. But there is something that I really want to discuss (or is it clarify) as my take on what you have written up there. The reality of death to mortals is something we can’t deny. At least it is a reality to both of us: men DO die. But saying that men DO die because God designed death for them is wrong. You are saying that it is God’s ploy to capture humanity through that which He made and therefore can destroy, (basing on the fact that ‘if I made it, then only I can destroy it’) right? But The Bible (which is book I believe in anyway, and the truth therein is the basis of my reasoning/thinking) says in Genesis (I know you know it is somewhere in Chapter 3) that man has to die because of an act of disobedience – by Eve, the wife of Adam, together with her husband eating the tree of forbidden fruit. And that disobedience was not forced on them but was out of their own will (don’t say that God placed a tree of good fruit in that garden so that to tempt man to fall… man had all he needed – too many trees around him, and with lots of fruits… why should he not have eaten the rest of the fruit but only start desiring that which was denied of him, and for good reasons – by eating, he would die?). Death was and still is as a result of man’s disobedience towards God. Death was not (and still is not) a ploy or a plot or a mischievous plan by God to ‘trap’ man. No. And concerning Jesus, He died and rose again. He conquered over death because He rose up and has never died again as opposed to likes like Lazarus who later died just as all men do. This is because there is a rule/law with life and death: only that which creates it can destroy or create/save it. Only God makes life – first the common mortal life, then the later immortal life. And only He could overwhelm death. God never made death for mankind. No. Death was not meant to be until sin. You see, death only has its power through sin. A sinless man (that which has received and accepted Christ Jesus as his/her savior) neither has fear for death nor its aftermath because the One who rules over death, that is Jesus, gives him/her power to become thus. These are theistic views of who God is – because He exists. I believe He does. And He does exist for good reasons. It is our choice. If we may feel like we don’t need salvation form the power of existing death, then we can be; but if we choose otherwise, then let it be. God saves mankind from death and has triumphed over death because man cannot or could not save himself or overcome death, or can you?


    • Harrison Mumia
      June 9, 2012

      I want to differ with you on several points that you raise. First, the free will that Adam and Eve had, according to you, never came from god. It is not possible that god creates humans, and when they make decisions, he says they are using free will that he has no clue about. That cannot be an all knowing god. The free will was given to adam and eve by god, and to that extend god had a hand in the happenings of the garden of eden. Which makes god some sort of absurd phenomenon. Secondly, god must have created death. It is not adam and eve who made death to happen. God had all this figured out. Why are you separating gods creations and actions from god himself? Doesn’t make sense at all.


  2. Bonface Morris
    June 13, 2012

    Good argument. But just to reiterate on what I was saying: man makes all his choices on his own, regardless of if he knows and acknowledges God in them or not. all men make choices. My point is: Adam and Eve has a free will (that is the ability to make their own choices – and each on his/her own). I chose to follow Christ Jesus because He makes sense to me. You chose to be a free thinker because that makes sense to you. Our choices are our own. Our choices take us places, you know. But both of us will still die (our flesh will be buried someday and people may or may not mourn) but we will die anyway… God may be somewhere as a spectator of our doings/CHOICES but He never really interferes until we CHOOSE that He should. He is all-knowing yeah, but He does not want His all-knowing-behavior to dominate our lives – that will mean that we are just puppets and can’t control ourselves and make our own CHOICES. Much said, what if we think of it this way – what if Adam and Eve did not eat the forbidden fruit? Would they still have died because God ‘made’ death for them? I don’t think so.


    • Noel
      July 16, 2012

      Boniface, you seem to me to be a very intersting person and passionate about the bible and god you believe in. but in some sense you seem to me to commit several philosophical suicides in your arguments.
      an all knowing god would not have put the fruit[or whatever it is] in the garden since it would have been more than obvious that man would try it. do you have a small child or do you know any? just do this small experiment. tell them not to touch something and pretend not to look. tell me the results when you get time.
      how is mankind saved from death? for good measure you mentioned they are theistic views, so there is no reason of pushing the argument further.
      why would we for a moment ask ourselves if adam and eve did not eat the fruit while this all mythical? it would be asking if ogres are real? seriously!
      in all fairness i will respect and defend your right to express your opinions but i will not necessarily agree with you.


      • Bonface Morris
        July 17, 2012

        Noel, comparing Adam and Eve (fully grown people) with a little child is logically catastrophic. Maybe we can look at this in some other way: is man all-knowing then? Or, is God claiming to be all-knowing? Or yet still, is God justified in all He does because He is all-knowing? I know you don’t believe (maybe even slightly) in the existence of “a God”. I don’t blame you. But we can choose to agree on some few aspects of man, choices, meaning and destiny (as in the concern of human beings.) Life has a way of telling us that we don’t have to worry where we will go once we die – because we all will die anyway. Logically, fear steals our hearts and minds into wanting to defend our egos and our philosophical beliefs; all in the name of denying that we need a remedy from an enemy (or adversary) we can’t conquer, we don’t really know, and which we think by pretense, and have philosophically convinced ourselves that we don’t even need to conquer…
        Death is real. No man has conquered over it. Jesus has saved us who believe in Him from the second death (which is the eternal death of the soul by punishment through hell) and we believe it. We believe it just as you also believe that you can’t be saved from any ‘death’, just as you believe that there is no death, just as you believe that God was unfair to ‘lead’ or ‘mislead’ Adam and Eve into sin… We just believe in it strongly, so we somehow come to defending it, Noel. And we don’t defend our belief because we are obsessed with it, but because we are convinced that it is a right thing to do – the right thing to do.
        If Adam and Eve’s eating of the fruit in the Garden of Eden was (or is) mythical, then our existence should be mythical too, I guess…
        So Jesus’ death and resurrection did just that – conquered over death! I believe that because the Bible and history prove it to be true…
        NB: It is not a fight of (or over) words but just an openness that we are using to understand each other…


      • Noel
        July 19, 2012

        Boniface thanks for your response. Why do you find my comparing Adam/Eve to a baby as logically catastrophic. Allow me to indulge you. you believe your god is all knowing and thus your god and adam/ eve would be compared to parent/child relationship. so how is this catastrophic?
        On the existence of a god, i will tell you there is no evidence to prove he/she/it exists. you believe god exists, you don’t know whether he does or he doesn’t. to stretch it farther of the documented close to 3000 gods which one do you believe in?
        Don’t you for a moment think that it is actually as a result of fear of the unknown or inability to explain events in his surrounding that made man creae gods and religion for that matter.
        No man conquers death, that includes your jesus. there is no other life other than this one right here right now. to believe their is another is to be deluded.
        i don’t believe god was wrong or unfair in punishing adam/eve. i believe in no god so your statement is wrong to that extent.
        our existence is real to the extent that you can touch your ear and feel it. adam and eve are mythical stories as the rest of the bible is.
        your jesus conquering death is only in the bible no where else so don’t say history says so.
        i agree with you it’s not a fight over semantics but an opportunity to understand each other and share ideas. no insults, no name calling. we must remain civil


      • Bonface Morris
        July 19, 2012

        Yeah we may say the Adam/Eve relationship with God was a parent/child relationship, but that is in another sense – and not in the sense of adult/kid relationship. I think it is quite different when your parent calls you ‘my child’ because they fathered/mothered you, from when someone calls you a child/kid because you are young (in terms of age). The one is relational while the other is referral – and my argument was that the you can’t say God’s relationship with Adam/Eve was referral rather than being relational, although we may find some referral aspects of God’s dealing with them later when they sin… I don’t even think you accept that they sinned… That’s for another day…
        But back to the issues. The 3,000 gods you are referring to are only fabrications of men – it is they that don’t exist, and I don’t believe in any of them. Bad use of religion has led to the birth of them all. And just to correct you a little bit – it is not fear of the unknown that has mostly been the cause of bad religion or extensive religion, but man’s desire to find self… a search for satisfaction and contentment that we all seek for, a angst, a crave for truth… and I found it in Christ Jesus – maybe you will say that you find it in freethinking or in lack of belief in the existence of a supernatural being…
        By the way Noel, have you studied some archeology (or do you mind studying some?) It will prove to you that (history) says just that – Jesus existed on earth – and all the biblical evidences of man are true… It will explain to you that the explanations given by Biblical authors are definite and true… I may go into detail to explain to you many other references as to why WE KNOW God exists, but for now, let me stop at that.
        And just as my last for now, if you may imagine (even in the slightest way) and place yourself in the feet of God (don’t mind that He doesn’t exist to you), what would you do to an Adam/Eve considering that they had/have wronged against you while they had all they needed (as pertaining knowledge and basic needs) to rely on and not break a simple rule you had given them to follow…?


    • Noel
      July 20, 2012

      Boniface, thanks for your responses. I have a few rejoinders. you dispute my analogy of god adam/eve relationship and then go ahead to say at some point my way of looking at it is indeed correct. where is your stand?
      You say the other 3k gods are fabrications of men, what makes your god any different? he/she/it is just as well another human construct.
      I think we need to research on the origin of religion in the extent where we are looking for reasons why man creates gods, am almost certain we will find that the greatest motivation is to explain those things man has/was not able to explain in his surrounding.
      Boniface, i accept the challenge that you can show me proofs of god’s existence. please do provide that material at the same time who are this historians you are referring to? can you give me links to their works or better can still can you give me those works?
      In your last premise, at that moment if i were god i would accept that my creation is flowed. that i the creator is responsible and not the created. i would not punish adam/eve.


      • Bonface Morris
        July 26, 2012

        Noel, please visit and/or get/buy The Archaeological Study Bible.
        We’ll discuss much more after looking deep into what the information you would have gotten says.
        Great time.


  3. Bonface Morris
    July 26, 2012

    Sorry. I clicked reply before saying something concerning research on the origin of religion. Maybe the best place to begin is to find out if religion has at all helped mankind solve those issues that you claim he/she finds mysterious and incomprehensible in his/her surrounding and therefore seeks to find an answer to them through the making of false gods, and a devotion that is explicitly intriguing…
    We can also look into Christianity’s claims concerning religion – if it is abhorrent or convergent when it comes to religion and cults… and such ‘things’…
    If we keenly do the above, then maybe we can find out why I choose to believe in a God and not in ‘gods’; and why you choose to believe in no god at all…
    We may also see if there is proof to the existence of such gods/God and if they are only but an imagination created in the minds and desires of men or a reality…
    Nice reading…


    • makagutu
      August 4, 2012

      Boniface am not in the habit of reading christian apologetics. there are better ones like Aquinas, Augustine, john Chrysostom. so you’ll understand if i don’t read the book. i will read the reviews though to get what the book is all about. i have just read a review and i’ll let the book pass.

      religion has in many instances hindered the advancement of man. many wars/ deaths have resulted as a result of religious bigotry than any other thing in recorded history. i don’t think religion in any form be it christian, islam or judaism gives any of the answers, well for a believer i think they do but for me i will tell you nope!

      my choice to believe in no god[s] yours included is based on the fact there is no sufficient, verifiable evidence the god person or whatever it maybe exists.


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