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Why Kenya Should Abolish Religious Education

A huge problem we are facing in our country today, that we have faced for a long while now, indeed since independence, is the appreciation of critical thought. We have not trained our kids to think critically. This is the bane of the African child. Our education system does not impart the need to train our kids to be critical thinkers. We have designed an education system where school going children are taught how to recite verses of the bible and quran, rather than be told that those are just books which deserve evaluation, just like any other. It teaches heaven and hell, at a very tender age. We force our children, through our 8.4.4 curriculum, to be too conservative, and too submissive. The curriculum includes C.R.E and I.R.E and the concept of intelligent design is imparted into their minds.

If you ask a child in primary school, who created the world, what answer do you expect to get? You will hear god! Others may say allah! Very few children are able to critically think that maybe the bible was wrong. Maybe the Quran was wrong. Our children are meek, they do not question. They are puppets, to do what their elders command. They are told Jesus rose from the dead, without any critical dimension. This education system, that imparts authoritarian mindsets from our childhood is partly the reason why most Kenyans are not even concerned about the politics of the day. They spend their times reciting the bible and Quran. And does it help? You will see at the work places, men and women congregate during lunch hours for some fellowship, but when you ask them about what they think about the Judiciary, Corruption, they can’t give an intelligent answer. Why? Our goddamn education system has created in us a heaven and a hell, that we must all ultimately work towards.

Our leaders are flourishing in this environment that religion has poisoned. They know we cannot ask. We fear questioning. We fear punishment. After all from the time we were young, we feared hell, and wanted heaven. We were punished for not doing homework, and religion reminded us that we would end up in hell if we did not respect the Sky Daddy. We are indeed mentally enslaved, and i put the blame partly on our education system.

Critical thinking is thinking that questions assumptions. It is a way of deciding whether a claim is always true, sometimes true, partly true, or false. To encourage this, we need to begin by scrapping C.R.E and I.R.E in our curriculum and replace it with Chapter 6 of the constitution on leadership and integrity, as well as some lessons about critical thinking.


2 comments on “Why Kenya Should Abolish Religious Education

  1. stekaxy
    June 5, 2012

    Throughout history, religion has committed more harm than anything else and it’s a pity it continue to plague us even in the present world. How I wish this article could be heeded!


    • Harry
      June 5, 2012

      Thanks for your comment. You can also share this with your friends on your wall and on twitter if you have.


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