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Do Christians and Muslims Really Think of Death?

Death is the sole reason that man invented religion, and gods and Jesus and Mohammed. To explain what happens after death, he came up with two possibilities. One that if you are good, you go to a nice place, and he said lets call it heaven. If on the other hand you were a bad person, like obviously most of you are, you end up in hell. And because of the primitiveness of man at that time, fire was chosen as the worst possible thing that could happen to someone in hell. So, man said that hell would be full of fire, and the bible has enough of this threat. If you asked me, i would be more scared if hell was full of cells, cubicles which were dark, so that you are kept there in solitude the rest of your life. Why does god want physical fire to consume us in hell? Just lock guys in dark cubicles. The boredom will kill them.

Anyway, the primitiveness of man also meant that gold (which to date is very priced) was going to adorn the windows, doors and floor in heaven. And in some instances, virgins. Remember, long time, virgins were overly priced. Thank goodness this has changed! This thoughts were borne out of the primitive thinking of men at that time. Today we know that just because you have a gold plated table, does not make you happy. Neither do virgins.

Anyway, the question i have for you Christians and Muslims, is: Do you ever think of your friends and relatives who die, and what happens to them? Do you?

Say your hubby dies, and he used to go to church like every goddamn weekend, do you say:

Ah! no problem, in the next 20 years, i will be with him. No big deal!

And if you get another hubby, what shall you tell your ex-hubby when you get to heaven? Suppose you see him burning in hell, how will you feel? Is there room for petitioning for your loved ones in heaven? I mean surely, it is worse to see your beloved burn in hell, as you enjoy all the glory in heaven. (Though praising god for eternity is just as boring).

Most of us never think of where our loved go to after death! That is the truth. When we lose somebody, we cry at the funeral, but that is it. We never think further than that. I never saw a Christian saying — my mom died, but no worries. She is in heaven. Am sure we shall meet her. We move on with our lives. Really the behavior we exhibit as humans after death, is that of indifference. Nobody seems to care for the dead, and what happens to them.

This inherent behavior demonstrates that hell and heaven really are creations of man, and do not exist!


2 comments on “Do Christians and Muslims Really Think of Death?

  1. Odanga Jamangula
    June 4, 2012

    Going to Hell or heaven is a choice every of a sound mind must make. However much we would like to be with our beloved in heaven it ablsolutely impossible to invade their freedom of choice and force them o come with us.

    Besides, the experience of Heaven leaves no choice for regrets. If I find myself in heaven without some of my beloved, trust me regret will be the last thing in my mind. Every individual as he walks on earth is given sufficient opportunity to come to acceptance of Christ. The individual decision to reject the invitation can not be borne by anyone close to him/her who makes it to heaven.

    Death is not something as a Christian I entertain with a sense of foreboding and fear. Death to me is a release and a fulfillement of my deepest joys which until now are only held in abeyance as I but have a glimpse of the triumphs that God has in store for those who believe in Him.

    Yes, I think about death Harry. But not with fear, but with a longing.

    Freakish, no?


    • Noel
      July 16, 2012

      Odanga, you long to die? i find you to be one of the very few people who think about death with a longing. i am hoping you can tell me more why this is the case if you care to please?


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