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Is the Jewish Tribe More Important Than Other Tribes?


The Atheist Writes:

One of the greatest fallacies in the world of Christian theology, especially the one where jesus is deemed the son of god, is that the god (of the Biblical Abraham) had chosen some tribe (israelites), and thus they are to be seen as more important in some way to the many other tribes of the world. This is simply not true.

There is not logic at all in supposing that any tribe is a chosen tribe of some supernatural phenomena. If you are a right thinking Kenyan, a proper argument should be made for all men, all societies, all creeds, tribes being equal, and being capable of living to their full potential.

As an ATHEIST, i reject the view that Jews are to be viewed any different from any other tribe in the world.

Odanga Jamagula (Obviously a Theist) Responds:
Of course you are as usual arguing from the viewpoint of one who has no consideration for the biblical take on the working of God in the world. See, God has His plan and ways of doing things. I don’t particularly expect you to go along with that, but it will do willy-nilly.
Now, God’s plan for redemption begins with Seth all-through to Noah then to Shem then to Abraham and finally ends with Jesus on the cross. I can’t not overemphasize the work of Jesus on the cross lest I give you the idea that you can easily get away with for being a free-thinker. You think christianity is stiffling, fine. But to us who are being continually saved it is our victory that we rejoice upon. Victory over the debilitating power and clutch of sin upon our souls, the sting of death which has been neutered by Jesus’ resurrection.
AND all of that has been made possible because God elected to use Abraham’s descendants for the purpose. The choice of Abraham wasn’t an arbitrary selection rather it was a divine election and well within God’s right to choice (atheists react like God has no right to choice).
Live with it or persist in your lofty ignorance, but the TRUTH is the Jews are the reason we enjoy the grace of God. It is your lost if you think otherwise. Their rejection of Jesus Christ all work within the broader perspective of God’s plan for redemption.
—————->        ANY RESPONSES?

4 comments on “Is the Jewish Tribe More Important Than Other Tribes?

  1. I Write Irate
    May 30, 2012

    Until Paul stepped in and broken the ties of Christians to their Jewish roots…one cannot claim to be the inheritors of prophecies and covenants of the Old Testament when Paul severed those ties for the Gentiles. Fulfillment of the Law did not mean that the followers of Jesus could pick and choose what they liked while claiming to be part of the Chosen people. Jesus may have been a bridge, but the argument of Paul in favor of Gentiles not being converted to Judaism made that bridge rather weak and dangerous to cross. Be careful what you claim. Good post, Harry


    • Odanga Jamangula
      May 30, 2012

      I Write Irate, I do not which Bible you use but my bible tells me that Paul a consummate Judaist and an immensely qualified one at that was given a vision by Jesus so that the message of God to the whole humanity could was now fulfilled in Jesus Christ.

      Whatever ties Paul broke between the Judaist and Christianity is but the germane adjustment in God’s outreach to the world. The dispensation of the Christian Age sets aside the Old Testament rubrics in favour of the new covenant of the blood of Christ unto expiation of sin. I don’t no how that does away with the prophecy, but a more wholesome rendering of the whole council of God will help you tremendously.


      • I Write Irate
        May 30, 2012

        Paul and Peter are obviously at odds over the idea that to become a member of the Church that one becomes circumcise into Judaism before being allowed membership into the faith. Paul breaks with this by stating to the Gentiles that they need not be circumcise and can still enter the Church. The conflict of this point in the early Church is commonly understood and expressed in Galatians. I am not speaking in a doctrinal reading of the a single verse, but the context of writing. Paul’s letters speak of his belief on Gentiles. Of course, I can understand that this point is lost when most doctrines turn to Acts for Paul’s message, which is contradictory to his letters. All I am saying is that the battle of circumcision breaks any claims of the Church and those that follow to the Jewish heritage or their God.


      • Noel
        July 16, 2012

        Odanga i would interest you top read the chicago inerrancy statement. after that i also want to point you to the bible you use where nowhere does jesus say he has abolished the law but has come to fulfill it. then i want you to have a second reading of the law that jesus fulfilled. and since you are not a follower of paul or peter but of jesus, then his word must have more weight than that of a reporter. or what say you?


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