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Myth: The fool says in his Heart, There is No God

Several times, religious fanatics, especially the slaves of Christian theology, have time and again quoted this verse for me:

Psalm 14.1 : “The fool has said in his heart, there is no God.”

Christians seem to love to quote the above verse from Psalms, especially when someone tries to analyze, criticize the bible for its many faulty, inconsistent and outrageous stories. Sometimes, I think this verse is popular because it allows them to call atheists “fools” and imagine that they can avoid taking responsibility for doing so – after all, they are just quoting the Bible, and the bible was written by God so it’s not really them saying it, right? And if God calls you a fool, then you are indeed a fool. No two ways about it.

So if you say there is no God, how does that translate to you becoming a fool? How, dear Christians, does someone become a fool merely by rejecting a certain position? Considering that the bible was scripted around 2000 years ago, it is refreshing that possibly there were people at that time who had rejected God, for whom this verse was crafted. But its a stupid verse.

You see, the beginning of any inquiry begins with doubt. When you doubt God, when you doubt dictatorship, when you doubt your wife, your hubby, when you doubt your teachers and pastors, particularly PASTORS, you are on the path of finding out the truth. And when you pursue that path, you are not a FOOL.

This just goes to show that the Bible is INVALID as a book of the God of Abraham …



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