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The Biblical Heaven is Scary Folks

Today, i took some time to open the bible and read it. Has it ever occurred to you that the Bible is the most important book for any Atheist? Because the more you read it, the more convinced you are that God, any God cannot possibly exist. Especially the Abrahamic God. The guy is a goddamn saddist.

Now, how many of you have ever read the book of Revelations? I started reading it this morning, and i could not make head or tail of what its all about. It seemed to give me a glimpse of the shenanigans that shall be taking place in heaven, once Jesus comes back. Too much worshiping, too many monsters all over the place, too much noise, trumpets, dead lambs, humans with wings, ogres with eyes on the front and back. Goodness! What is that book all about?

Picture this folks: Rev: 5 6Then I saw a Lamb, looking as if it had been slain, standing at the center of the throne, encircled by the four living creatures and the elders. The Lamb had seven horns and seven eyes, which are the seven spirits of God sent out into all the earth.

If you thought you had seen the worst of lambs while on earth, then one with seven horns and seven eyes would be a spectacle indeed. A real hair raiser. Heaven sure has some goddamn beasts.

Picture this: Rev: 9 7 The locusts looked like horses prepared for battle. On their heads they wore something like crowns of gold, and their faces resembled human faces. 8 Their hair was like women’s hair, and their teeth were like lions’ teeth. 9 They had breastplates like breastplates of iron, and the sound of their wings was like the thundering of many horses and chariots rushing into battle. 10 They had tails with stingers, like scorpions, and in their tails they had power to torment people for five months.

I have been with locusts, i play with those harmless insects. But ones looking like horses prepared for battle, ah ah. With faces resembling humans, no way! Locusts with hair like women’s hair, and teeth like lions teeth, damn! Is that part of what has been prepared for the believers in heaven? I know the religious apologists will try to give this story a good human face, but the reality is that the Biblical heaven is a place of sheer terror, and too much drama.

I will leave you with this beast from the book of Revelations, and let me know if you want to be associated with such mystery: Rev: 13 11 Then I saw a second beast, coming out of the earth. It had two horns like a lamb, but it spoke like a dragon. 12 It exercised all the authority of the first beast on its behalf, and made the earth and its inhabitants worship the first beast, whose fatal wound had been healed. 13 And it performed great signs, even causing fire to come down from heaven to the earth in full view of the people.


3 comments on “The Biblical Heaven is Scary Folks

  1. Odanga Jamangula
    May 24, 2012


    This is very interesting. That you ask to know of the meaning of the verses you have listed. I wonder if your interest is mere idle curiosity or you are a truly inspired seeker after the truth.

    Whatever the case be, I wish to have you know that any book in the bible can not be understood in exclusion. That is, understanding the bible takes more than grasping the literal renderings of the words. It needs divine inspiration and an enabling which I need remind you must come from the Holy Spirit. Without that our arguments will go on for time indefinite.

    Below, is just a glimpse of what to expect if you were to understand the Book of Revelation 13:11-12.

    I am not going to give you nice sound bites just for the mere sake of engaging you in your atheistic quest. If you can wade through this tell me so that I can post for you the rest of the answer to your queries.

    And while you are at it do me a favour, could you please approve the comment I lef on your blog.

    EXEGESIS VERSES 11 – 12:
    GNT Revelation 13:11 Kai. ei=don a;llo qhri,on avnabai/non evk th/j gh/j( kai. ei=cen ke,rata du,o o[moia avrni,w| kai. evla,lei w`j dra,kwnÅ

    NAS Revelation 13:11 And I saw another beast coming up out of the earth; Kai, (cc) ei=don o`ra,w (viaa–1s; ref. John as the subject) a;llo a;lloj (a–an-s; “another”, of the same kind) qhri,on (n-an-s; “beast”) avnabai/non avnabai,nw (adj.ptc./p/a/an-s; “ascend/rising up”) evk (pAbl) th/j h` gh/j( gh/ (d.a. + n-Ablf-s; “the earth”) and he had two horns like a lamb, and he spoke as a dragon. kai, (cc) ei=cen e;cw (viIPFa–3s) du,o (card. adj./an-p; “two”) ke,rata ke,raj (n-an-p; “horns”) o[moia o[moioj (a–an-p; “like/resembling”) avrni,w| avrni,on (n-dn-s; “a little lamb”) kai, (cc) evla,lei lale,w (viIPFa–3s; “spoke/communicated”) w`j (comp.conj.; “as/in like manner as”) dra,kwnÅ (n-nm-s; “a dragon”)

    GNT Revelation 13:12 kai. th.n evxousi,an tou/ prw,tou qhri,ou pa/san poiei/ evnw,pion auvtou/( kai. poiei/ th.n gh/n kai. tou.j evn auvth/| katoikou/ntaj i[na proskunh,sousin to. qhri,on to. prw/ton( ou- evqerapeu,qh h` plhgh. tou/ qana,tou auvtou/Å

    NAS Revelation 13:12 And he exercises all the authority of the first beast in his presence. kai, (cc) poiei/ poie,w (vipa–3s; “exercises/performs”) pa/san pa/j (a–af-s; “all”) th.n h` evxousi,an evxousi,a (d.a. + n-af-s; “the authority”) tou/ o` (d.a./gns +) prw,tou prw/toj (ord.adj./gn-s; “the first”; first in sequence/priority/authority) qhri,ou qhri,on (n-gn-s; “beast”) evnw,pion (pg; “in the presence of”) auvtou/( auvto,j (npgn3s; ref. 1st beast) And he makes the earth and those who dwell in it to worship the first beast, kai, (cc) poiei/ poie,w (vipa–3s; “he keeps on making”) th.n h` gh/n gh/ (d.a. + n-af-s) kai, (cc) tou.j o` katoikou/ntaj katoike,w (d.a. + adj.ptc./p/a/am-p; “those dwelling”) evn (pL; “in/on”) auvth/| auvto,j (npLf3s; ref. the earth) i[na (cc; purp. “in order that/to”) proskunh,sousin proskune,w (vifa—3p; “they will worship”) to, prw/ton( prw/toj (d.a. + restr.attr. ord. adj./an-s; “the first”) to, qhri,on (d.a. + n-an-s; “the beast”) whose (corrected) plague of death was healed. Ou- o[j (; “of whom/whose”) auvtou/Å auvto,j (npgn3s; ref. the 1st beast; not translated in NAS; emphasizes the individual) h` plhgh, (d.a. + n-nf-s; “the plague”) tou/ o` qana,tou qa,natoj (d.a. + n-gm-s) evqerapeu,qh qerapeu,w (viap—3s; “was healed/had been healed”)
    ANALYSIS VERSES 11 – 12:
    1. Vss.11-18 now introduces us to the 3rd major player of chapter 13 and 2nd primary agent Satan enlists in operation “war against the saints”. Cp.Rev.12:17; 13:7
    2. Our verses will explicitly make clear that the war in view goes beyond the physical itinerary of Satan delving into the depths of the larger spiritual battle of the Angelic Conflict (A/C) over planet earth. Cp.Rev.12:7-12 cf. Eph.6:12
    3. This vision itself is designed to further develop the frame of thought that the world will give their allegiance to the Antichrist and worship him. Cp.Rev.13:4,8
    4. It expounds upon the religious movement promoted by Satan further providing the Negative (–V) world with the ammunition it needs to reject the truth and opt for his lie. 2The.2:11-12
    5. That Antichrist is the counterfeit Messiah, it behooves Satan to establish a single religious organization centered on Antichrist designed to publicly draw in the masses.
    6. Hence, enter the 3rd beast.
    7. John’s vision now continues, “And I saw another beast coming up out of the earth”.
    8. It is this beast that will act as the primary mouthpiece, bishop and forerunner on behalf of Antichrist and his one world religion.
    9. That this beast is described as “another/a;lloj – allos/another of the same kind” indicates that his personage is distinct from yet very similar to “the beast”, Antichrist.
    10. That there are two distinct beasts in view is immediately made clear from the fact:
    A. This beast arises out of the earth versus the sea of 13:1.
    B. It is said to function in the very presence of the first beast. Vs.12
    C. The phrase “first beast” is used 2x in vs.12 to emphasize their distinctions.
    D. The appearances of both beasts are drastically different. Vss.1-2 cp.vs.11
    11. The distinction is further made clear contextually in vss.14-15 and remotely is positively identified for us as that person a.k.a. the “false prophet”. Rev.16:13; 19:20; 20:10
    12. The identification as the false prophet further indicates we are dealing with another human being rather than a national entity, inanimate object, system of belief or simply an extension of Antichrist’s modus operandi in form.
    13. The similarity between the two revolves around their nature, speech and unity together with Satan to advance the worship of the 1st beast.
    14. Together, all 3 of these personages comprise the evil triumvirate (3 sharing authority) of the “unholy trinity”.
    15. While there is no chronological indication as to when the false prophet appears, it generally is accepted that he will appear in connection with Antichrist at the beginning of Daniel’s 70th week.
    16. As with the verses on Antichrist, our passage looks to the false prophet in retrospect, but with emphasis on his activity during the final half of the week.
    17. As with the Antichrist, the false prophet will be given time to establish and present himself to the world rising to the peak of his ministry in unity with Antichrist.
    18. As usual, there are many conjectures as to who the false prophet is.
    19. A false speculation popular today is that he will be the last pope of the RCC.
    20. This theory assumes the false doctrine of amillennialism and that the Church will go through the tribulation.
    21. The fact is, apart from our passage and the 3 other mentions of the false prophet in Revelation, no other explicit or obvious information is found about him in the Bible.
    22. If there are further clues about this man in the Bible, they obviously will be encrypted in prophecy or typology.
    23. The similarity in nature of the false prophet is first brought out by the use of the term “beast”.
    24. This indicates that as the Antichrist, the false prophet functions under –V unbelief and the basest influences of the STA.
    25. Further it denotes they are both dangerous and hostile to the saints.
    26. The next thing we are told about him is that he ascends out of the earth.
    27. As noted, this is in contrast to the Antichrist arising from the sea, which represented a racial gentile from the gentile nations.
    28. That the false prophet is said to arise from the earth indicates a quite different origination and notes that racially the false prophet is a Jew from Israel.
    29. As noted earlier in Revelation, the term “earth/gh/ – ge” can be translated “land” and is used to refer to the land of Israel. Mat.2:6,20,21 cp. 9:26,31
    30. Contextually, it only makes sense that if the sea is metaphorical, so now is the earth in contrast and likeness.
    31. Otherwise, if taken literally, the language would be idiomatic indicating resuscitation in view, a premise while possible, has no Biblical support.
    32. The metaphorical interpretation that he is Jewish is not new and held by dispensational interpreters, even those in disagreement as to the exact identity of his person i.e., the Antichrist or false prophet. Revelation – Four Views, A Parallel Commentary; Gregg; pgs.295, 297
    33. One main area of dispute to this interpretation is that it is improbable that the false prophet is Jewish as he is hostile to and persecutes the Jewish people (Walvoord).
    34. Another argument is that it is unlikely that Satan or Antichrist would allow a Jew to live much less occupy an important position of power and authority (Keathley).
    35. However, this is naivety that goes into the face of what the Bible says concerning the nature of –V, Jew and Gentile alike.
    36. The Bible makes clear that during this time in history, both negative and positive Jews exist in Israel, those positive called the remnant, those negative whose power must be shattered. Rom.9:27 cp.Isa.10:21-23; Dan.12:7
    37. –V religious Jews don’t seem to have a problem turning on their +V counterparts when it suits their reversionistic needs. Exs: Religious crowds vs. Christ, later the Apostles; Judas vs. Jesus; etc.
    38. Further, Dan.9:27 tells us that Antichrist will enter into a treaty with Israel under a peaceful guise implying he very well may have an accessory among the Jews.
    39. In fact, OT prophecy denotes a specific tribe of Israel that is noted for its deceptive and destructive practices against their own people, the tribe of Dan. Gen.49:16-17
    40. That Dan is likened to a “serpent” ties their practices into the satanic system and has symbolic parallelism to the false prophet speaking as a dragon.
    41. Further, the tribe of Dan was heavily involved in idolatry at one point engaging a reversionistic Levite, Micah, and his priest to be a priest for their tribe (Jdg.18:14-20), wiped out a city to reoccupy it and set up their own false priesthood (Jdg.18:27-31). Cp.1Kgs.12:28-30
    42. That Dan is not listed in the 12 tribes of the 144,000 Jews in Rev.7:4-8 indicating their corporate –V makes them suspect in their role for future Israel and a prime candidate for access by Antichrist to Israel politically and religiously.
    43. That the false prophet might be a Danite is not inconceivable and would provide a logical link to negative Israel appealing to their own race as an insider to high political positions. Gen.49:16
    44. The next thing that John describes is the appearance and speech of the false prophet, “and he had two horns like a lamb, and he spoke as a dragon”.
    45. The first description of having “two horns like a little lamb/avrni,on – arnion” is designed to portray the deceptiveness as he appears to others.
    46. To begin with, this description is not of domesticated sheep that do not have horns.
    47. It pictures the genus of Ovis Canadensis more commonly called Big Horn Sheep such as reside undomesticated in the American and Canadian Rockies, West Texas, Eastern California and Northern Mexico.
    48. The lambs are born wooly and white with little horns appearing at about 2 months.
    49. They can range anywhere from about 150-300 lbs as adults with the rams displaying their great curved horns as a status symbol and means of protection and virile authority, though the ewes too retain their horns.
    50. They are known for their keen sight (up to a mile away) and the fact that they engage in constant battles with one another trying to establish dominance by butting heads, running at each other with speeds up to 20 mph with the echoing of their blows heard for miles in mountainous regions.
    51. What is most notable about this descriptive motif for the false witness is that he appears as a little lamb that is yet too immature to establish a presence of dominance.
    52. The term “lamb” harks symbolically to the very term used for Christ to indicate His appearance at the 1st advent as one that was passive and peaceful contrasting His Person to the 2nd Advent. Cp.Rev.5:6,8,12 et al
    53. However, the false prophet is not what he appears being an undomesticated wild sheep destined to fulfill a role of challenging those of like genus seeking to establish his dominance.
    54. This picture of the false prophet as a baby ram fits perfectly with the interpretation that he is a Jew on the surface benign, innocent and of no threat, yet destined to establish dominance among his own race.
    55. Again, he will appear innocent enough, but the reality is that he will do battle with his own people to establish dominance among them.
    56. He will mislead them into accepting his person and message as that which represents God’s plan for Israel, everlasting peace.
    57. Yet he is really a betrayer of his own people aligning himself with Satan.
    58. In this vein, it might be suggested here that Judas Iscariot is a type of false prophet.
    59. At least one dispensational commentary has sought to advance the idea that Judas was actually a type of Antichrist. 35 SIMPLE STUDIES on the major themes in REVELATION; Dehaan, pps.183-185
    60. While this would be false as we know Antichrist is a gentile, not a Jew, there are some obvious symbolic parallelisms in this vein that can be attributed to Judas:
    A. He is called “the son of destruction” (Joh.17:12) cp. to Antichrist (2The.2:3).
    B. Judas is the only other recorded person in the Bible other than Antichrist to be satanically possessed. Luk.22:3 cp.Rev.13:2,4
    C. He is called “devil” (not demon) by Christ (Joh.6:70); Antichrist is the incarnation of Satan called the devil (Rev.12:9).
    D. In this vein, Judas was said “to go to his own place” understanding it to be the devil’s own place, the place reserved for Satan and his angels (Act.1:25); Antichrist is destined to the same place (Rev.19:20).
    61. Though Judas in not a type of Antichrist, he obviously in nature represents Antichrist just as the false prophet in nature represents Antichrist.
    62. The very attributes ascribed to Judas could just as well in nature be attributed to the false prophet operating in tandem with Antichrist:
    A. The false prophet is seen as a “son of destruction” per his involvement on having as many as do not worship the beast to be killed. Rev.13:15
    B. That the false prophet speaks as a dragon and displays supernatural powers (vs.13) infers that he too is satanically possessed as necessary.
    C. That the false prophet accurately represents Satan in speech and actions would infer a similar title as “devil”.
    D. He is cast alive into the LOF in tandem with Antichrist. Rev.19:20
    63. With the advent of our present verses, we can further attribute typology between the false prophet and Judas:
    A. The false prophet appears as benign and innocent to those around him, but is in fact a betrayer (the baby 2 horned ram).
    B. Judas was benign in the eyes of those closest to him (excepting Christ). Joh.13:21-30
    C. While Judas betrayed the Son, the false prophet betrays the Woman that gave birth to the Son. Rev.12:1-2,5
    D. Both are motivated by greed and are monetary reversionists. Rev.13:16-17 cp.Joh.12:4-6
    E. Both are Jews.
    F. Both are unbelievers.
    G. Both represent Antichrist but are distinct from him in person, yet similar in nature.
    64. If typology exists between Judas and the false prophet, it is that both are representatives of Antichrist in their personal betrayals towards the Woman (Israel) and her Son.
    65. As one further note of interest, tradition has led some historians to conclude that Judas Iscariot was from the tribe of Dan.
    66. In “Genealogies of the Twelve Apostles” (E. A. W. Budge, Contendings of the Apostles, p. 41) says “Now DAN sold his brother JOSEPH for twenty pieces of silver, and in like manner JUDAS sold our Lord for thirty pieces of silver.”
    67. In the Book of the Bee 46-49, the Syriac Text circa 1222 AD, written by a Syrian Bishop, Solomon, Judas is recorded to be “of the tribe of Gad, though some say that he was of the tribe of Dan”.
    68. Moving on, the reality of the false prophet’s betrayal is seen in his message that is a lie as noted in the phrase, “he spoke as a dragon”.
    69. This phrase equates his teaching with Satan himself.
    70. The false prophet is absolutely deceptive bent on gaining the ear of the negative masses of Israel and the world appealing to their religious bent.
    71. In so doing he will establish himself as the premier communicator of God’s plan in the world.
    72. As the false prophet oversees the establishing of Antichrist’s image in the temple at mid-point (vss.14-15 cp.Mat.24:15), it is obvious Satan considers the religious conquest over Israel a coup de grace in the A/C.
    73. In so doing, he undermines the very basis and foundation for true Christian belief presenting to the world a religious system that even Israel adheres too.
    74. The false prophet is the epitome of all false prophets that must represent themselves as the spokesmen for God and friends of mankind, while actively promoting an evil agenda.
    75. Their audiences are those that reject the truth that will jump at the chance to embrace anything that has an inkling of contradicting God’s word with some form of cosmic or physical validation.
    76. God will cater to the negative in this case and the false prophet will provide all the evidence –V needs in this vein.
    77. Satan has always found success in the realm of religion and religion will excel to a new level under the ministry of the false prophet and cult of Antichrist.
    78. The false prophet will be the primary communicating agent that Satan will use to globalize this one world religion, not the least of participants being Israel.
    79. Vs.12a then centers on the false prophet’s activities in this vein, “And he exercises all the authority of the first beast in his presence”.
    80. The verb “he exercises/poie,w – poieo” literally means “to do” and is translated with numerous verbs in the NT dependent upon context.
    81. Here, a better translation contextually would be, “And he performs all the authority…” (cp.vs.13a).
    82. While the NAS catches the nuance of the action involved, it misses the intent of the action and can mislead noting an air of self-acquired authority in rank.
    83. That is, what the false prophet does is simply in cooperation with the authority of Antichrist in his presence.
    84. The genitive of “the first beast” would then be a subjective genitive indicating that Antichrist is the one that provides the authority to his subordinate false prophet.
    85. The phrase “in his presence” emphasizes the solidarity/unity of the false prophet in coordination with Antichrist’s authority indicating that whatever Antichrist so wills to validate his person the false prophet does in action and message.
    86. In other words, the false prophet caters to every aspect of Satan’s plan to support and validate Alexander as the Messiah.
    87. While the false prophet is subordinate in authority to Satan and Antichrist, he carries with him the same weight of authority as he caters to their every whim of religious agenda.
    88. In addition, the phrase “in his presence” at least implies that the false prophet will use every occasion possible that he is in the company of Antichrist to promote him in this vein.
    89. With the ability, power and means of Satan to do the will of Antichrist, the false prophet is successful beyond any previous evangelist’s dreams, “And he makes the earth and those who dwell in it to worship the first beast, whose plague of death was healed”.
    90. Again, the verb “poi,ew – poiew/to do” is used and again a better translation contextually would be, “And he is conforming the earth and those who dwell in it…”.
    91. Actually (excuse the humor), a literal translation “he is doing the earth…” in the English would be idiomatically apropos.
    92. The sense of the verse is not that the false prophet is the cause of worshipping Antichrist, rather he is bringing into compliance with the satanic agenda those earth dwellers that are negative in support of Antichrist.
    93. Not to split hairs, but it is the negative volition of the masses that is the direct cause.
    94. All that the false prophet does is to feed their negative volition conforming their will to the will of Satan.
    95. As it may be, what is obvious is the global success the ministry of the false prophet has.
    96. Only those that are +V will resist the pull of the false prophet and will not comply with the system Satan has established.
    97. The final phrase, “whose plague of death was healed” communicates two things:
    A. It reiterates that the false prophet is distinct from Antichrist in person.
    B. It forms the basis for his counterfeit gospel message that Christ has returned.


  2. I Write Irate
    May 24, 2012

    I am of the opinion that you can spend a lifetime deciphering this bit of text in order to find its true meaning. However, in the context that it was written, this book is simply a work of an author in exile who is reaching out to his fellow members to explain the great enemy that Rome was and how the coming return of Jesus would be their destruction. To look beyond that context is to delve into a mess of centuries that has altered the perceptions of all who read this text. Keep the context and it will reveal itself.


    • Noel
      July 16, 2012

      I think the above author has a lot of time in his hands in trying to defend a mythical book


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