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Do Atheists fear Christians?

An email to an Atheist (Harry Mumia) from a Christian (ODANGA JAMANGULA).


Good morning to you, our very own in-house nullifidian.
First, I have always been curious; why is it that atheist reserves their best barbs for Christians? What did Christians do to atheists? My curiosity has led me to the conclusion that this intense loathing from atheist towards Christians is inspired by fear.

Yes, fear.

Atheists have always realized that the Christians have a vastly superior claim to The Truth. The Truth being Jesus. His work is the ultimate plan of God for mankind and atheists simply can’t reconcile themselves to the fact that there await a certain judgment and the chief arbiter in that judgment is Jesus Christ and that the basis of his judgment is the acceptance or non-acceptance of his work on the cross for the forgiveness of mankind’s sin!

Harry Mumia, there is a God. There is also a Satan.

Satan is God’s creation. He was created in perfection, elevated to the highest position among the angels whom God created. He was set as the head of all angels and was granted immense powers. He became proud imagining that he could surmount God. He vainly thought he could use his powers to overthrow God and enlisted a multitude of rebel angels and waged a losing battle with God.

God in his infinite wisdom did not kill the Satan (Satan is Hebrew for the adversary). God has the ability and power to kill Satan but he has elected not to. That has always been the subject of contention among those who don’t want to imagine a God who would allow a rebellious and evil being like Satan (and his creation to boot) continuing to enjoying life while carrying on with his evil activities which most of the time are directed at God’s very own. Well, I accept that state of things because He says Himself that His ways are not mine and who am I to question Him on that decision? But then you are always free to question him. Just be sure are ready to receive the answer.

It all sounds like some mythical balderdash! No?

Harry, the reason why God still allows Satan a free (but restrained) reign on earth is because what we simply call the ANGELIC CONFLICT.
Angelic Conflict is the raging cosmic battle that is summed up by all the claims that Satan has set to prove that he is better than God in about five ways and the very involvement of humanity and heavens in disproving those claims. The book of Isaiah provides us with the basic claims Satan has made against God.

(Isa 14:13 [KJV])
For thou hast said in thine heart, I will ascend into heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars of God: I will sit also upon the mount of the congregation, in the sides of the north:

(Isa 14:14 [KJV])
I will ascend above the heights of the clouds; I will be like the most High.

(1) Gaining ascendancy of heavens
(2) Exalting his thrones above the stars of God – Stars of God here are the Angels
(3) Sit upon the Mount of Congregation – that is rulership over all souls and earning all worship
(4) Gain the uppermost height of heavens – that is the northern most part of heavens which God inhabit (did you know that scientists have discovered a vast unexplorable portal in the space?)
(5) Be like the most – that is being like God.

The devil has been roundly defeated on all these claims but he still must validate his claim and God has allowed him for God has a timetable for all the conclusion of this Angelic Conflict. The culmination of this angelic conflict is captured in the eschatological raveling of Satan’s plan which I will not dwell on here.

But know this Harry; you and I and all humanity exist for but one thing – to prove God’s supremacy over Satan. You will not go to hell because of your sins Harry. I will not go to heaven because I have been good and righteous. The line between going to Hell and Heaven is drawn by the sacrificial blood of Jesus on the cross. Jesus says that anybody who does not believe in him is already condemned. Why? Because he did not come on earth to be a good teacher or a righteous soul or a wise guru or an entertainer or a good governor.


And that simply is the superior claim Christians have in this life. All those theories by mortals you are discussing with Nelson/Okil are as useful as their long-dead proponents who from their grave cannot possibly give the answer to the most pressing questions of all age – what is the destiny of Mankind?

Ignoring what he did is fine if it makes you prove your independent mindedness. But remember, there is one to whom we must all finally give account. And He is not that all thrilled of open-minded about your rejection of His provisions for your sins. He is God.

And you have every reason to be afraid of Him. Hiding behind the bluster of independent mindedness might work for you now. But a time will come when you’d wish you were close-minded about some things in life.

Any thoughts on this?


10 comments on “Do Atheists fear Christians?

  1. ssemakula
    May 22, 2012

    //First, I have always been curious; why is it that atheist reserves their best barbs for Christians? What did Christians do to atheists? My curiosity has led me to the conclusion that this intense loathing from atheist towards Christians is inspired by fear.//

    Coming from a predominantly Christian area the atheists you would have met are those who would be most familiar with the Christian doctrine. Not all atheists loathe Christians, or Christianity. And I highly doubt that somebody who doesn’t belief in your skydaddy can tremble in fear over an imaginary punishment promised by an imaginary person who resides in an imaginary place.

    Yes, we should be asking what the destiny of man is, and we should also be creating the destiny of man. Humanity should not be standing still waiting for “word from above” in order to see the path we should follow. Humanity must create the path, the destiny, the purpose that we seek. Our destiny is not decided from “above”, it is decided by the collective minds of humanity. We can chose to sit passively by in futile hope that it will be revealed to us or we can do something about creating a destiny that will better the lot of humanity. If we stay inactive then we will have no hand in shaping our destiny, we’ll live it to chance and the vagrancies of nature, but we can rise above that and enforce our destiny, create the future that we want for us and for those that will follow us.


  2. Neil
    May 22, 2012

    The sheer garbage in this letter is mind numbing. First of all the christian has the uphill task of proving that Bible is indeed the word of god and also prove that the god he claims will punish us exists, also the devil…until then I can safely dismiss all the claims in his letter.


    • muthoni
      May 30, 2012

      this guy is indeed far from free thought.the first concept to get rid of is that of the devil.why would a god who loves him so much create someone to torment him is he a pawn or what?


  3. Steve McIntyre
    May 22, 2012

    As with most christian(mystic) thoughts about atheists(adeists,amystics) your conclusions are based on emotion, not reason. You asked “What did Christians do to atheists?”. Where should I begin? Torture, maiming, murder. If that is not enough there is also the issue of inserting irrational, christian(mystic) morality into every aspect of legal systems throughout history. You(christians[mystics]) insist that everyone live by your rules. You have been, again throughout history, bullies and tyrants. Does that answer your question? As to your statement that we fear you, you are correct. Only a fool does not fear a rabid animal. Your ancient superstition has caused more misery and suffering than any other single thing in the history of the world. To put it into a context you may understand, go back to your fairy tale father figure and tell him that those of us who have become adult humans no longer need him. He can continue to terrorize his “children” without us.


  4. Kennedy
    May 22, 2012

    Sad to see such terrible ignorance on display.


  5. sntoburi
    May 22, 2012

    Bosh! to put it mildly


  6. missdevi
    May 23, 2012

    Dear Odanga Jamangula,

    I’m afraid your reasoning is faulty. You say that atheists loathe Christians because they “have always realized that the Christians have a vastly superior claim to The Truth. The Truth being Jesus. His work is the ultimate plan of God for mankind and atheists simply can’t reconcile themselves to the fact that there await a certain judgment and the chief arbiter in that judgment is Jesus Christ and that the basis of his judgment is the acceptance or non-acceptance of his work on the cross for the forgiveness of mankind’s sin!”

    Christianity being a choice, if I were so afraid of judgement I would simply become a Christian. The fact that I am not in fact a Christian is a clear indication that I am not afraid of your god’s judgement. And if indeed I realized that Christians had a “vastly superior claim to The Truth”, I wouldn’t be trying to dispute it. Mr. Jamangula, it seems that the very meaning of the word “atheist” has evaded you. An atheist is somebody who does not believe in god(s). How can somebody be afraid of the judgement of something they do not believe exists?

    Allow me to tell you the real reason why atheists dispute Christianity. (It would be inaccurate to say that atheists “loathe” Christians, mostly because atheists are a varied lot with only their atheism in common, therefore while some may loathe Christians, others – myself included – have a large number of Christian friends and relatives who they do not loathe at all.) It is because we believe it to be false, and above that, destructive. It’s one thing for something to be false and harmless and another entirely for it to be false and harmful. I’ll refer you here, here and here for just a taste of how Christianity can and has been used to propagate injustice and violence.

    Lastly, do get off your high horse, Mr. Jamangula. You assume that yours is the only religion atheists dispute. That’s simply not true. It just so happens that Christianity is the most dominant religion in Kenya, and this being a Kenyan atheist blog, it is natural that Christianity is the most focused on religion. But rest assured, we dispute all religions in equal measure, because each religion is just as silly as the next.


  7. Odanga Jamangula
    May 23, 2012

    Hi guys,

    I am very happy to have been hosted by your blog. But I must register my protest with Harry who posted this ‘letter’ here.

    The above letter is the subject of another forum where Brother Harry and I interact and therefore I feel that I should have been warned beforehand that it would be cross-posted here. But that is not the problem, it is merely that I would have been better placed to respond to you in a germane manner. Also I do not like the ‘sub-editorial’ job Harry has done to title of the letter.

    Nevertheless, for all of you who have bothered to respond to the letter, I dare say thank you even if some of you have resorted to ad hominem invectives. The main thing to me is that I have been granted a hearing. I trust this conversation will continue in future.

    I have a request though; while we are discussing any business in this forum, shouldn’t we be a bit decorous with our responses. I am willing to debate you folks but it must be within an environment where certain rules of engagement are prescribed beforehand. Since you claim the mantle of free-thinking, I suppose that does not give us the license to go about using insulting or abusive language on one another. I believe that your atheistic principles must certainly enjoin you to observing certain courtesies. Being polite is one which I cherish most.

    I need this assurance first from the site’s moderators before I engage you substantially further on any discussion.

    Thank you all, and may God bless you


  8. danielwalldammit
    May 23, 2012

    The argument is about as circular as it gets.


  9. peter
    August 2, 2012

    Hi Odanga,

    Politeness is also something I value a lot; but sometimes for debate to progress, we’re forced to wear tough skin and bear the heat, since the matters we’re tackling are hot button. I kindly request you to do the same. For example, I get very, very furious whenever a Christian or Muslim threatens me with hell for not agreeing with them. I get very offended when they suggest that I cannot be moral without Jesus “in my heart.” And then I get plainly disgusted when they start spewing hatred such as homophobia. But I don’t run (most of the time) – I endure all this because I believe I have a message to bring to them; there’s an ignorance I have to rid them. Makes sense?

    Anyway, with regards to your letter (now that it has been punished) – I have a simple request for you: where is the evidence (honest question) for:

    – Satan?
    – Angels?
    – All the hullabaloo you say will happen on Judgment Day?

    If you say you believe these things because the Bible describes them, then of course it falls on you to explain to me why desert-wandering Hebrew goat herders who wrote the Bible would know something we don’t!


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