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Churches should introduce Q & A sessions!

You know how it is, don’t you? You wake up on Sunday morning, all dressed up, sharp, and walk to Saint Paul’s Cathedral, Jesus is Alive Ministries, Kuna Nuru Gizani, Mavuno Church, your nearest Seventh Day Adventist Church, and all the other churches. You walk there, meet some quiet polite looking neat women and a few men, ushering you to the seats. After a few prayers, and maybe singing and in some churches shouting like mad insane humans, you sit down to listen to the sermon form the pulpit, by the man of God. The man of God gives his warped stories, quoting some biased verses from the Bible, sometimes says some unreasonable things, condemns sinners, exalts the believers, and at the end of the sermon, you pray and go home.

Let me ask you Church leaders, could you kindly introduce Q & A interactive sessions in church? Why? Because this is the only way a church goer could seek clarification on what was preached on a Sunday. In cases where the pastor did not preach articulately, or quoted a verse that doesn’t make sense at all (as they mostly do), this Q & A session would do the church goers some good. They shall ask questions!

I say this because traditionally, and for a long time the view has been that what is preached form the pulpit is always correct, holy, ordained, from God and that it needs not questioning. And this is tantamount to dictatorship in churches. And that’s why you find the society in the past held pastors with a lot of esteem, even when they were way out of line in what they did, how they behaved. That is why your wife, son daughter shall join the choir, the church women’s group, the cell group, the prayer group, and even if they are taking all their time there, instead of studying, you cannot convince them otherwise. It leads to religious slavery!

The communication in churches should embrace questioning by the congregation, by introducing an interactive session towards the end. Church leaders should start embracing two way symmetrical communication. How would you know as a church leader whether there are any atheists who have visited your church, and want some clarification from the bible that you quote? If you give a story of Noah for example, and the floods in your sermon, how would i clarify whether actually all the animals died? For instance how did the fishes get into the Ark two by two? Such Q & A would help.

I urge the Church to change, introduce Q & As, so that there is room to challenge their religious dogmas, their miracle lies and their warped biblical facts.


2 comments on “Churches should introduce Q & A sessions!

  1. paul
    May 15, 2012

    Harry, it is sad that you are taking it on God because of the suffering your family went through and because your Mum forced you to go to church. I wish your mum told introduced to Christ instead of forcing you to go to church. She might have known Jesus but unfortunately she forced to go to church. If you are out of Jesus Christ you can never know what happens in Him. I have undergone a lot of suffering more than you. I have had five members of my family die of cancer and other terminla ilnesses yet I have found comfort in Jesus because I know for sure I will meet them again.
    Sorry for you, it will not be the same. I know God, I have known Him from my childhood and I am where I am because of Him. So your arguement is flawed and blind. God is Love and a present help. Just keep on seeking the truth and you will find Him. He loves you.


    • Noel
      July 16, 2012

      Paul would you be kind to describe how you have known god?


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