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Jesus Ain’t Coming Back… Period !

Folks, most of you Christians i know, are waiting for the GRAND coming of this man Jesus. When the trumpet shall be blown. Then he TOKLEZEAs in the clouds. When i was a bit young, and stupidly believed in religion, when i was stupidly saved because some pastors did a two minute prayer for a bunch of us, i actually thought the man (Jesus) would come in the year 2000. There was a book that i had read that predicted his coming in the year 2000, and i actually believed in the Anti-Christ concept. Remember that famous guy? Some very powerful person who would fight with the devil and destroy him? What a myth!!! I will talk about the Anti-Christ in a later post. The coming of Jesus in the year 2000 was a goddamn mirage. But what scared me the most was the manner he was going to come. Like a thief. Isn’t that what the bible says? I used to be scared folks, it used to scare me every day i woke up, finding myself not taken by him to heaven.

You see, when he comes like a thief, he will take his flock, and leave the rest of us Atheists, Humanists and Free Thinkers here on earth. Is that still the story by the way? Maybe the pastors here can clarify: How exactly shall Jesus come back on earth? Anyway, i used to wonder, because we used to sleep the four of us in a room when we were young. Four brothers. Would he pick two of them, and leave me? I felt a sense of despair, that my mother, the more religious of the two, would suddenly leave my father, for some reason and we would be left motherless. What would i do without her? Was it fair? And we would have to live with the fact that Jesus did not love us so much. The aftermath! That me and my dad and two brothers did not qualify to ride with him to heaven, in a golden chariot with white winged horses.

So i used to struggle to do good. I always used to do a small prayer, as a matter of duty to myself. So that whatever sin that was recorded in heaven during the day, would be erased in the evening just before i sleep, in readiness for a fresh set of sins the next day. I was sure of sinning anyway, what with the fact that i used to insult my friends a lot!

But why should the biblical Jesus come as a thief? Why not just give sinners 10 years to reform? You know, like the way you are given a warning before you are sacked? The biblical Jesus is doing more harm than good by deciding to come as a thief. This harm is not for Atheists (really we don’t care) but its for our children in Sunday schools. The emotional disturbance it causes, gosh! You really have to sympathize with out children.

The Biblical myth about the coming of Jesus is shrouded in mysteriousness, and it is causing a lot of confusion to our youth, scaring the hell out of many of our growing children.


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