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Prayer Does Not Work

We live in a world of frustrations. You are broke, can’t access a loan, you have recently lost a job, you are going through a divorce, you have an ailment, name it. Its a world full of frustrations. Right? Right. At work, you find that you cannot get along with your bosses. Your son is a drug addict! It goes on an on. And many of you, at your lowest point in life, decide to walk to that church, to pastor Muiru, that Catholic father, that Sheikh and what do they attempt for a solution? They tell you to probably kneel down and then they lay hand on you. Tarannnn!!!! They mumble few words in the name of prayer while closing their eyes and tell you it is now fine. Sounds funny huh! I would think that’s the most stupid thing a person should do. Walk to a fellow human for a solution to life’s problems. They, the pastors then tell you that God shall heal you, God shall give you a job, he shall restore your marriage. And this is where i have issues with the phrase — God is Able. Have you heard the phrase “amenionekania” ? Have you ever heard the bullsh*t that goes like: Goes is so faithful?

Anyway, i tried that bullsh*t some time back. I was in high school, and you know how it goes. That time, we used to invite Pastors just before the K.C.S.E exams. There was a prayer day for the entire school, just before the exams. As for me i decided to avoid that prayer day. It was not going to change anything as far as is was concerned. And sure it didn’t. I simply got the grade that i had worked for. But i could see my friends taking it too seriously. As if the exams would be based on the sermon on that day.

If you are having a sick patient at Kenyatta Hospital, Nairobi Hospital, please stop praying for them. It is simply not gonna give you solutions folks. The combination of your prayers and your patient not improving in health can be too frustrating. If you are jobless, keep looking for jobs. Do not pray. You will pray and get regret letters upon regret letters. Just be like me. I have never actually prayed for anything in the last 15 years. All i have seen, as a result of not praying is the usual ups and downs of life. And am happy, i accept what comes and handle what i can handle. The Ocampo 4 can pray for all they want, but its a waste of time as far as am concerned. Prayer has never, and will NEVER work.

I urge Kenyans to shun prayers, and embrace a practical approach to life’s problems.


2 comments on “Prayer Does Not Work

  1. kamugisha ndahiro
    May 2, 2012

    yes, it never did and it will never do…
    It is defined as an act of doing nothing and still think you are helping
    or better still, a wish addressed to an imaginary being…
    But it has demostrated as a good source of income to those that know its value like Benny Hinn and others, a horrible trick used to drain money out of the naive and desperate!


  2. Harrison Mumia N
    May 2, 2012

    True Ndahiro, its a cash cow for the greedy pastors, and the poor ignorant masses keep suffering for it.


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