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3 Reasons Why Atheists are Good People

Alright folks,

For sure, we don’t crawl on our knees asking for forgiveness and God’s grace. We certainly do not buckle in the face of trial and tribulations, saying, “Jesus, take the wheel!” So what do we do? What do atheist believe in?

They believe in themselves, that’s one. There’s no God to hang on to; they have only themselves to count on.

But, hey, atheists are good people, really one of the best guys you can meet. I will give you three reasons.

Reason # 1. You bet they are stronger than most believers.
God doesn’t exist to the atheist, there’s no Almighty Father who would be there for them, and so they don’t depend on anything beside themselves to carry them through. No Jesus. That fraud of a personality (Jesus) can stay in the backseat and watch – that’s if the ‘he’ even exists (at which the atheist says no!).

Reason # 2. The atheists are more responsible, too.
They have only themselves to blame for their errors. No God arranges and alters the course of things; the atheist is the master of his own fate. He is accountable for his own actions.

No God forgives anybody’s sins either, as if mistakes are His to absolve. That’s why atheists don’t kneel repenting for their mistakes. They make good on their wrongs, or suffer the consequences if that can’t be helped. They don’t sin and keep sinning because – heck, why not, they could kneel in front of the priest at the end of the day, confess, and, voila, problem solved … let’s go out and sin again!

Reason # 3. The atheists see straight and feel right.
Because, in the same manner that they believe in themselves, the atheists believe in the world too, not in the “creation” that Somebody’s supposed to have created, but the world in its full flavor, in its honest beauty, Nature in its own right, without attributing its existence to a “higher being” outside of it, or putting some meaning to it that isn’t there. As a consequence, the atheists see the world as it is, not in ways some Scripture prescribes it be seen. They see life as it is, not in how the priests describe it from the pulpit.

It’s not only God that knows; neither are the priests infallible; the atheists know life, they know the world, by honesty seeing right into it, right through it.

And there’s an emotional maturity that comes with that.


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